Custom Products

محصولات سفارشی

Custom Products

Given that each organization has its own different needs and needs and a specific strategy to achieve its goals, the availability of tools that fully meet his or her needs will greatly improve the design, construction and implementation of all existing processes. It is organized there.
What distinguishes these softwares is that they are designed and manufactured on the basis of BPMS, enabling the immediate change in the organization’s needs and strategies and changes in issues such as by-laws and laws, the environment in all respects, science and technology.
And ...
with the least amount of time and expense, all the demands can be fulfilled. Therefore, its customers at a much higher level can meet their needs and achieve a high degree of productivity.
Because of the BPMS-based design, these software have all the features, tools, and components of the BPMS that are relevant to what has been discussed earlier.